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Brown Beauty Club is a premier bridal makeup company located in Tampa Bay, Florida.  We're dedicated to celebrating the beauty and diversity of women. With a passion for inclusivity and expertise in working with a wide range of skin tones, we specialize in creating breathtaking bridal looks that showcase the unique beauty of every bride. From elegant and timeless to bold and glamorous.


With over a decade entrenched in the artistry of makeup, I am a seasoned luxury makeup artist proudly serving the vibrant Tampa Bay area. Throughout my 12-year journey, I've specialized in the intricate craft of wedding makeup, crafting exquisite looks that embody the essence of elegance and grace.My passion lies not just in the application of makeup, but in the transformative power it holds. Whether adorning a bride on her most cherished day or guiding aspiring artists on their creative journey, I find fulfillment in the ability to create beauty that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark of confidence and allure.


Beyond weddings, I curate captivating makeup experiences for special events, each stroke and blend reflecting sophistication and individuality. Not limited by occasion, I extend my expertise to educate and mentor both budding enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, sharing the secrets and techniques that elevate makeup artistry to new heights.



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