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Happy Monday Beauties!

Mondays are typically a day of misery if you still work in the corporate 9-5 world such as ourselves. But we have decided not to let the miserable Monday blues get to us. What better way to celebrate a Monday (after thanking GOD for another day of course) than to talk about Makeup!

Lately, we've noticed how helpful it can be for most when we list the products we use on our clients. And Something that we take pride in, is the ability as artist to cater to all skin tones and ethnicity.

More so, our melanin beauties being that we are a reflection of majority of our clientele. We've invested time researching what works best for our various skin tones/types and hope that this can help anyone who is lost on what actually works without filtering through numerous YouTube videos that don't actually help :(

We've been inspired by many educators in the industry who willingly share their knowledge and expertise with their social media base, which has inspired us to do the same.

With all of that being said!! We will be posting up our favorite, must have, kit staples every Monday. It will include photos of the product as well as photos of the client we used said product on, prices and where you can purchase for yourself!

Our first post next week will be discussing the best products to help minimize oil & sweat! Yes, sweat!!

If there's any products that you would like us to review please comment and let us know!

Thank you! <3


Asia & Kadiija

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