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Sisterhood of The Traveling Makeup Artist

Ya'll this blog is being published hella late, but better late that than never, right? Let us tell you guys about our trip to Houston Texas back in March!

Right after having THE AJ Crimson at our makeup studio to teach a class back in November of 2017, we eagerly wanted to pursuit being taught by the rest our favorite artist!

One of the artist on our list was Color Du Jour. We had been following Alaina for years, admiring her ability to create looks that were BOLD, GLAM, and FLAWLESS! Everything she posted was stunning and spoke to what we felt our artistry aesthetics were.

(See her work below and on IG @colordujour)

We wanted to book a One on One session with her but didn't get far because it just simply wasn't in the budget...but we knew it was a goal for us regardless of how long it may take. She was just one of a few artist we had on our list to visit & learn from and we were determined to get there someday!

Being in a few FB Makeup Groups, we found out about this new group called The Beauty Voyage Experience, created by three amazing makeup artist and entrepreneurs. Basically, it's a travel company for Makeup Artist with an agenda of learning from some of the best Pro Makeup Artist in the industry while also creating bond and sisterhood with fellow makeup artist from all over the world! This first Beauty Voyage would be in Houston Texas to see Color Du Jour, a 3 day experience with other women all in the name of Makeup! What a perfect opportunity to finally learn from one of our favorites and meet artist alike!

Now, the week of the trip was chaotic to say the least, I spent all of Tuesday night making a wig (shout out to Famex hair company! follow them on Instagram), got a speeding ticket Wednesday morning, and still had to go to work Thursday morning the day of our departure!

Just complete mayhem leading all the way up to getting to the airport, my anxiety was at an all time high and Kadiija... well....she was just Kadiija.. lol. If you know her then you know what I mean. lol

Thursday night we got in late due to me having to work, so we missed out on the first night's festivities 😩.

The ladies went out for drinks and dinner at Pappadeaux. They slayed didn't they!? In the middle of us heading out to dinner and the ladies getting back in from dinner our paths crossed at the hotel valet and we got to meet and chit chat briefly! We instantly felt connected to these ladies and knew we were going to have a blast!

Kadiija & I ended up at a chill spot called The West End 11 at night. Nice vibes & good food.

Friday, March 23rd

Class with Color Du Jour was to start at 12 noon so we needed to be on our way by 1130am at the latest, so that meant waking up early to make sure we had time to shower, do our makeup, do our hair, and look our absolute best!! We were told we had a few things waiting on us...

Literally almost screamed when the ladies handed us these!!

So, we get dressed in our lovely T shirts, pen and planner in hand ready to meet the rest of the BVE ladies in the lobby... of course we had our Bluetooth speaker going..Migos Rick Flair blasting 🗣🗣

We arrived at the Color Du Jour Studios and were in awe from the door!

We got straight to work! She provided a full demo for us, so many jewels from this class...and seeing her work on Instagram versus in person is just omg, no words..

The final look!

We learned new techniques and about products! Alaina walked around the room giving each of us advice! Check out the looks we created on our models!

We wrapped up class feeling liberated and motivated!

So, following this class we were determined to implement everything she taught us in our artistry...Here's a few photos of our work after attending Color Du Jour's class

So, It's been 6 months since our trip with the Beauty Voyage girls, and we are excited to be apart of the next trip which will be March 2019 NYC with Renny Vasquez!! Huge thank you to the ladies who organized this The Beauty Voyage Experience. It's super motivating for anyone that has been feeling stuck in their artistry or feeling alone in this business. Our artistry has improved greatly and we are looking forward to seeing these ladies again in NYC!!

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