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A Sign....

Friday, December 28th

Every so often, there's moments of self doubt and wondering when will that one big moment come, and then there are those moments where you have complete strangers come up to you and tell you how proud of you they are, and they make you realize, you're in THE moment....

We met a lady named Peaches today, and like a lot of people we encounter being in the mall, she was inquisitive of what services we offer and what we were all about. We let her know that we offer several services and what our prices were. She then started asking questions more so geared toward the overall well being of the business and how it was going.

By this moment, I instantly felt a connection with Peaches, not because she asked how business was going, but because she was so genuine in her question. At that moment I decided to be transparent and just let her know that business was going great and better than we actually expected. Told her we have a few moments of self doubt and fear we encounter here and there...she instantly gave us the most encouraging words.

At this point we had a full half hug circle going on, she expressed how proud she was of us and happy she was for us. But the greatest thing happened.. She shared with us that this morning she prayed about God showing her a sign, she's been procrastinating on her own dreams and just needed him to show her a sign that she should follow her dreams. She literally told us that we were her sign! We were her confirmation, we were exactly what she asked God to show her.

People that were not fearful of stepping out on faith, and walking in their purpose.

That simple conversation, turned into such a humbling and inspiring moment all in one.

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