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The Makeup Show 3.18.17

The Makeup Show Orlando is a different experience each time we've gone.

Our first year has yet to be topped, but it's always just what we need as a makeup..

That first year, we met some of the heavyweights in makeup artistry that we truly admire!

Nicky Posely

Patrick Starr


Aj Crimson

And even sat in on a keynote with Renny Vasquez!

We got our life at that Makeup Show!

While the second and third trip haven't exactly matched the experience of our first one, its still exactly what we need for a renewal!

By renewal...I mean that feeling you get when you're in the room with other MUAs (from all walks of the "Makeup life") talking the lingo and making impulse buys without having to explain why in the world you need to buy 8 Inglot number 77 gel eyeliners!

A room of non judgement! Getting to meet new vendors along with visiting our favorite vendors that we patronize throughout the years.

While The Makeup Show is layers of an experience, there's always room for improvements.

If we were to give one complaint it would only just be of wanting to see more diversity in the vendors as well as keynote speakers.

Never the less here's a few photos from our day we didn't make too many purchases this year, but we did get glitter from Eyekandy cosmetics, a new mirror from Glamcor, AJ Crimson Foundation, and Inglot Liners!!

By the way for future reference, don't assume you have all day to get what you want since it's a 2 day show. Some vendors run out of things quick and you'll leave really disappointed that you didn't make it on time.

That inglot liner is a must have and they were sold out day 1!!

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